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Issue 2 / 2009

Social Entrepreneurship in China: Trends and Strategic Implications
J. Mark Munoz

Status and Possibilities of Apple Export from the Republic of Serbia
Branislav Vlahovic, Drago Cvijanovic, Branka Maksimovic

Possibilities of Rationalization of Perennial Plantation Establishment
Zorica Sredojevic, Jonel Subic, Marko Jelocnik

Determinants of Key Favorable Environment for Intrapreneurship Development: an Empirical Study of Some Selected Companies in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Nimalathasan Balasundaram, Mohammad Shahab Uddin

Efficient Financial Management for Local Governments: The Nigerian Experience
Olu Ojo

Romania’s Research & Development and Innovation Potential
Corneliu Russu

Romania’s Convergence to European Union – a Post-Integration Analysis
Coralia Angelescu, Cristian Socol, Aura Gabriela Socol

Adapting Labour Market Institutions to the New Economy Challenges
Florin-Marius Pavelescu

Risk Management Aspects Related to the Current International Financial Crisis
Silviu-Marius Seitan

Applied Methodology of Production Factors’ Reflection in the Afferent Profit of Turnover
Constantin Caruntu, Mihaela Loredana Lapadusi

On the Stationarity of Chronological Series
Cornelia Gaber, Maria Stoica

Biofuels in Romania – Regional Strategic Opportunity
Gina Cristina Dimian, Mihai Dimian

Considerations about Sustainable Development through the Wastage Administration in the Context of Romania Integration in the European Union
Carmen Nastase, Mihai Popescu, Adrian Liviu Scutariu

Interactive Ideas
Irina Gabriela Rădulescu