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Issue 1 / 2013

Organizational Learning Culture – The Missing Link between Innovative Culture and Innovations (Case Study: Saderat Bank of Iran)
Hassan Darvish, Elaheh Alhouei Nazari

Factors affecting E-banking Usage in India : An empirical Analysis
Shariq Mohammed

Outcomes of Planned Organisational Change in the Nigerian Public Sector: Insights from
the Nigerian Higher Education Institutions

Issa Abdulraheem, Chima Mordi, Yinka Ojo, Hakeem Ajonbadi

Status and Perspectives of Soybean Production Worldwide and in the Republic of Serbia
Branislav Vlahovic, Sonja Ilin, Anton Puskaric

Community Response to the Rising Cost of Living in the Current Regime – A Study of
KPK Province, Pakistan

Muhmmad Zeeshan Ahmad Khan, Shahzad Khan

Investing in Raspberry Production as an Opportunity of Sustainable Development of
Rural Areas in Western Serbia

Zorica Sredojevic, Natasa Kljajic, Nikola Popovic

Main Guidelines for the Coordination of the Macroeconomic Development Specific to the
Current European Context

Silviu-Marius Seitan

Perspectives on Romania’s Economic Growth through the Evolution of Direct Investment

Viorela Beatrice Iacovoiu

The Effects of National Employment Legislation on Corporate Restructuring
Dana Volosevici

Favourable Conditions for the Manifestation of the Autonomy of the Local Public
Administration Management in the County of Suceava

Petronela Zaharia

Social Responsibility in the Financial and Banking Sector
Mirela Matei, Marian Catalin Voica

Expert System for Supporting Students’ Record Activity from a Faculty
Ana Tanasescu

Overcoming the Crisis of the Social Insurance System – between Theory and Practice
Alexandru Salceanu

Coordinates and Strategies of Sustainable Development
George Dumitrache

B2B Green Marketing in Romania
Violeta Sima

Application of NLP Principles and Methods in the Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Ileana Georgiana Gheorghe