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Issue 3 / 2015

Impact of Remittances on the Economic Growth in the Transitional Economies of the European Union
Yilmaz Bayar

Linkages between Trade Openness, Capital, Oil Price and Industrial Outputs in Syria
Adel Shakeeb Mohsen

Reviewing Gaps in Work-Life Research and Prospecting Conceptual Advancement
Babatunde Akanji, Chima Mordi, Stella Ojo

Specialization and Geographical Concentration in Manufacturing Industry of the European Union Member States
Corneliu Russu

Energy Demand Forecasting Methodology for Romania
Dorel Dusmanescu

Some New Approaches in Romanian Public Institutions Accounting according to the New Accounting Rules
Daniela Iov

Evaluating Cyclicality from the Labour Market Perspective – Case Study Using Agent Based Models
Ileana Ciutacu

Owl Ontologies Use for Higher Education Competences Development
Aurelia Patrascu

Assessing the Macroeconomic Effects of Competition Policy – the Impact on Economic Growth
Oana Romano

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Sustainable Development
Marian Catalin Voica, Mirela Panait, George Alin Haralambie

The Impact of SOP HRD 2007-2013 on the Romanian Labour Market
Alina Tatulescu

Trends in Industrial Relations in the European Union
Dana Volosevici

Applying Genetic Algorithms to Optimization Problems in Economics
Elena Simona Nicoara

Sales Productivity Reported to Occupational Stress in the Retail Banking Field
Jianu Daniel Muresan

Representative Aspects regarding the Implementation of EU Grant Programs in Romania
Alina Gabriela Brezoi

Approaches on Apposite Costs in Decisional Options Analysis
Carmen-Veronica Zefinescu

Start Up Enterprise – Preparation for Putting into Practice a Business Idea through its Simulation
Gabriela Oprea