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Reviewing process

The articles that are published in the Economic Insights – Trends and Challenges (EITC), follow a double blind peer-review procedure.

The reviewing process implies the following eight stages:                                                                             

1) Submitting the manuscript by author(s) in Romanian and English language on the bull-se@upg-ploiesti.ro e-mail address.

2) Receiving the manuscript by Editorial Board on the e-mail address mentioned above.

3) Preliminary manuscript screening for plagiarism, checking of thematic relevance, compliance with contents and editing guidelines, appropriate English, as instructed by „Authors’ Guidelines”.

In the case the manuscript doesn’t fulfill the requirements mentioned above, it will be returned by the Editorial Board to author(s) with suggestions for the necessary corrections.

4) Registering the manuscript by the Editorial Board. If during the preliminary manuscript checking process the manuscripts fulfill the requirements, the Editorial Board registers the manuscript by a unique identification code. This code and the conformation of manuscript receiving will be sent to author (authors)’s e-mail address.

5) Transmitting the manuscript to two independent reviewers. The manuscript is separately assessed and reviewed by two independent reviewers who will not be aware of the author’s identity. In their turn, the authors do not know the reviewers’ identity.

After the assessment and reviewing, each reviewer writes the Reviewers’ Report where in the “Conclusion” chapter he mentions one of the following:

a) Accepted without objections (UA – unconditionally accepted) in the case that the manuscript is published;

b) Accepted with observations (AwO) in the case the manuscript can’t be published, for the moment. The Editorial Board sends the manuscript and Reviewers’ Report with the reviewers’ improvements and remake suggestions on the authors’ e-mail address.

After the author (authors) remake the manuscript, he (they) send the manuscript to the Editorial Board in 10 days time since he (they) received the Editorial Board’s answer. The Editorial Board sends the improved manuscript to the reviewer (reviewers). This process reiterated until the reviewer (reviewers) writes down “Accepted without objections” of manuscript in the Reviewers’ Report.

c) Rejected (R), when the manuscript can’t be published. Besides the reasons concerning the scientific content of the manuscript, the reviewer (reviewers) may reject the manuscript whenever he/she ascertains a case of plagiarism or compiling.

6) Operating final modifications of format and contents by author(s). It is done only in the case that due to changes made by author (authors) at reviewer (reviewers) suggestion, the manuscript had format and content changes and the Executive Editors need to discuss with author (authors) concerning the final formatting of the manuscript.

7) Transmitting the manuscript for publishing. The Editorial Board checks the final formatting and English language.

8) Publishing the manuscript. It is made according to chronological criterion, according to their registration and to the end point of the review process.