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Issue 4 / 2012

Telecommunication Companies with Foreign Capital in Ukraine: Simulation of Economic Activity Effectiveness
Taras V. Sakalosh, Natalia V. Soprun

Possibilities and Directions for the Export of Fruit from the Republic of Serbia
Branislav Vlahovic, Branka Maksimovic, Dejan Tomasevic

Sectoral Competitiveness in the EU and Romania’s Manufacturing Industry
Corneliu Russu

The Place and Role of Value Analysis in the Restructuring of Production (Case Study
Dragos Gabriel Zisopol

Impact of Capital Investments on Unemployment in the Context of Economic Crisis. The Case of Romania
Viorela Beatrice Iacovoiu

Non-Food Product Safety in the European Union. Case Study: Romania
Adrian Stancu

A Decomposed Model of Consumers’ Intention to Continue Buying Online
Claudia Iconaru

Introduction of the New Public Management in the Romanian and Swiss Local Public Administration
Petronela Zaharia

Measuring the Regional Tourism Activity in Romania: an EU Pre- and Post-Accession Comparative Analysis
Adrian Liviu Scutariu

Diversity and the Capitalism Transitions
Ion Bucur

Standing of the Treasury Flows – Indirect Method
Boni Mihaela Straoanu

Some Theoretical and Practical Uses of Forward/Futures Rate Agreements
Ileana Nicula, Crina Raluca Bucur

Some Considerations regarding the International Monetary Fund’s Reform
Alina Georgeta Ailinca, Floarea Iordache, Camelia Milea

The Annual Inflation Rate Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques
Madalina Carbureanu

Management of the Public Sector – Content and Features
Simona Popa