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ISSN 2284-8576
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ISSN-L 2284-8576
Publicatie trimestriala
Revista categoria B+ CNCSIS
Revista indexata in bazele de date internationale:
- EconLit
- Ulrich's
- Index Copernicus

Economic Insights - Trends and Challenges

Titlu anterior: Buletinul Universitatii Petrol-Gaze din Ploiesti, Seria Stiinte Economice

Numarul 4/2015

The Nexus between Political Instability, Defence Spending and Economic Growth in the Middle East Countries: Bootstrap Panel Granger CausalityAnalysis
Feyza Balan

Competitiveness in Higher Education Practices in Sierra Leone: A model for Sustainable Growth
Emerson Abraham Jackson

Organisational Stress: Theoretical Reflections and Proposed Directions for Management Research and Practice
Babatunde Akanji

Romanian Oil Industry Decline
Corenl Lazar, Mirela Lazar

Sectoral Specialization of the Romanian Manufacturing Industry Reflected by Structural Changes Occurred after 2000
Corneliu Russu

Financial Stability in the Microeconomic Field – Theoretical Aspects and Proposals
Silviu-Marius Seitan

Evaluation of the Capital Flight from Country - Case of the Republic of Moldova
Marica Dumitrasco

Considerations about Foreign Direct Investments and Economic Development
Viorela Beatrice Iacovoiu

Some Critical Issues about the Insertion of the Tertiary Graduates on the Labour Market. The Case of Romania
Dana Blideanu, Mirela Diaconescu

Evolution Analysis of the Hotel Industry from Cluj-Napoca
Smaranda Adina Cosma, Marius Bota, Cristina Fleseriu

Labour Market Mismatches and Age Group Unemployment in Romania and Other CEE Countries
Gina Cristina Dimian

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