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ISSN 2284-8576
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ISSN-L 2284-8576
Publicatie trimestriala
Revista categoria B+ CNCSIS
Revistă indexată în bazele de date internaţionale:
- EconLit
- Ulrich's
- Index Copernicus

Economic Insights - Trends and Challenges

Titlu anterior: Buletinul Universitatii Petrol-Gaze din Ploiesti, Seria Stiinte Economice

Numarul 2/2015

Testing the Demographic - Economic Paradox for Newly Industrialized Countries: A Panel Data Analysis
Feyza Balan

Albania’s Challenge to Access in European Common Market
Besjana Laci, Eglantina Hysa

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leadership and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Nigeria and Sierra Leone
Uzoechi Nwagbara, Henry Yamba Kamara

Research into Agricultural Producers’ Motives for Engaging in Organic Production in the Republic of Serbia
Branislav Vlahovic, Anton Puskaric, Sanja Sojic

Forecasting Methods of the Enrolled Students’ Number
Cornel Lazar, Mirela Lazar

Selecting the Best Model to Forecast Romanian Employment in Industry
Cristian Marinoiu

Industrial Specialization of the European Union Member Countries
Corneliu Russu

The Coordinates of a Sustainable Economic Development Strategy by Reconfiguring the Romanian Entrepreneurship - Generation Y and Lean Startup Method -
Oana-Georgiana Ciobanu, Carmen-Eugenia Nastase

Comparative Analysis between OWL Modelling and UML Modelling
Aurelia Patrascu

The Role of Multidimensional Databases in Modern Organizations
Ana Tanasescu

The Effects of Discrimination on the Labour Market – an Agent Based Modelling Approach
Ileana Ciutacu

Modeling Sovereign Risk Interaction in Emerging Europe
Gabriel Gaiduchevici

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