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Economic Insights - Trends and Challenges

Formerly: Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Economic Sciences Series

Issue 1/2008

Incomes – Component of Quality of Work and Employment in Romania
Constantin Ciutacu, Luminita Chivu, John Hurley

Overview of Bankruptcy Establishing Procedures
Ioan Done, Andreea Gagea

Investment as Driving Force of Changes in the Romanian Manufacturing Industrial Structure
Corneliu Russu

Delphi - The Highest Qualitative Forecast Method
Lazar Cornel, Lazar Mirela

Facilities of E-learning for Long-Distance Learning
Dorel Dusmanescu, Iuliana Dobre

Inside the Core of Corruption from the Health System
Irina Gabriela Radulescu, Gheorghe Alexandru, Anca Miu

Customer Profitability Analysis
Costin Spita, Ion Smeureanu

Using Probability to Measure the Insurance Company Risk
Cornelia Gaber, Maria Stoica

Monitoring Costs in Project Management
Mihaela Ciopi Oprea

Current Concerns about Cosmetic Products’ Risks for Consumer Safety and Health
Corina Ene

Illustrative Example of Applying the Feasibility Research in Underlying a Typical Investment in the Petroleum Industry
Madalina Albu, Mihaela Otelea

The Romanian Seaside between Advertising and Disinterest
Adrian Ungureanu

The Life Quality Concept between Economism and Hedonism
Jianu Muresan

Reform of the Pension System in Romania - Privately Administered Pensions and Facultative Pensions
Stela Aurelia Toader

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